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Individual Therapy

Many clients seek out individual therapy to work on current struggles, past concerns, mental health issues, and learning coping skills.  Progressive Inspirations utilizes a variety of approaches such as Solution Focused, Cognitive Behavioral, Narrative, Existential and Psycho-dynamic therapies.

Couples Therapy

As couples face obstacles as a part of life, sometimes it is helpful to have someone help guide them in conflict resolution, re-connection, and exploring the relationship. Couples therapy is also a place to resolve issues such as betrayal, lack of intimacy, and trust concerns.

Family Therapy and Adult Family Therapy

In our traditional Family Therapy for kids and parents, our Family therapists focus on building relationships and instilling hope. 

Sometimes as we live our lives, there are family members that we become disconnected from at times for a variety of reasons.  As we age, we realize and want to reconcile these relationships.  In our Adult Family therapy program, estranged family members or family members needing support/guidance come together to reconnect and repair their relationships.  

Trauma Therapy

Trauma is a unique concern many clients come to therapy about.  80% of trauma is held inside out bodies.  Progressive Inspiration utilizes two types of evidence based therapies for resolving trauma symptoms. This includes Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and EMDR. Your provider will work with you to figure out the best therapy for the issues you are having.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a place where a person meets others that are dealing with similar issues, receive support and learn ways to manage emotions and the self. Here at Progressive Inspirations, we offer grief and loss group, a women's therapy group and chemical health group for those who are working on learning ways to live effectively without alcohol or drugs who are not in need of formal treatment.

Consultation & Supervision

Progressive Inspirations offers consultation to companies regarding mental health concerns both in the workplace as well as facilities that may have clients/residents they are concerned about.  In addition, there are providers available that are board approved supervisors for individuals seeking licensure at the masters' level.

Play Therapy

Play therapy, directive and non-directive is an evidence based practice to work with children mostly under the age of 10 as their primary form of communication is play. Registered Play Therapists are the professionals qualified to provide this type of therapy.

Sand Tray Therapy

Sand tray therapy is a non-directive form of therapy for children and adults, to create a world within the sand to resolve issues they may face, especially past situations that may be difficult to express verbally.

Parent Education & Support

Sometimes parents need support in dealing with children with mental health issues.  We offer options for parent education and support both individually and group format.  

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